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Our organization is located in China in Guangzhou city.
Guangzhou Expim Import & Export Company Limited
The export company Expim was founded in 2018. We import food products from Belarus to China.
Considering the next 100 years, we will continue to strive for stable and continuous growth together with society.
Why choose us?

Own company,
registered in China.
We conclude an international export agreement.
Own warehouse in China
accelerates logistics, control and provides more opportunities for the sale of your goods in the territory of China.
Thanks to the presence of our employees in China, we quickly find distribution channels, conduct test sales, accept and clear the goods.
We are a distributor of food products under our own brands, as well as under the brands of manufacturers.
We employ specialists in their field, with extensive experience in the trade and promotion of goods.
We are official representatives
Our store
Products from all over the world are delivered in a container by liner or by rail to the warehouse
Guangzhou Expim Import&Export Company Limited, further, with the help of marketplaces, it is implemented throughout China.
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Our advantages
  • Own distribution
  • Warehouse in Guangzhou
  • Own trading brand
  • Conclusion of contracts with our Chinese company
  • Russian-speaking employees in Belarus, Russia and China
  • We take full turnkey delivery of your product to the Chinese market
We are an international company Expim,

whose task is to make sure that your product is sold throughout China.
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